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Re-Hydro to Dominate in the Future

Re-Hydro to Dominate in the FutureApril 12, 2040 - Although introduced in the market only five years ago, 10% of all hydrogen fuel now sold in the US is of the enviromental friendly Re-Hydro label, produced through electrolysis based on a source of 100% renewable energy.

Several producers have switched to producing Re-Hydro, mainly because of tax incentives, which also keep the price of Re-Hydro on the same level as regular hydrogen.

10% in five years might not seem much, especially compared to the move to lead free gasoline 50 years ago, which only took a decade. When producing hydrogen vast amount of energy is needed, and the main issue of producing Re-Hydro has been the lack of energy from renewable sources and that it is not generated close to the production plants.

Most analysts believe though that Re-Hydro will be the dominating fuel in the future, and the incentives to switch has already led to great improvements in producing energy even more efficient from solar, wind and water.

Since hydrogen-hybrids together with fuel-cells eventually will force gasoline vehicles off the road, followed by long-term and patient support of Re-Hydro from the government, it could be the opportunity that environmentalists in several decades have hoped for to put the last nail in the coffin of fossil fuels.

But the progress is slow, so far only 4.1 million cars running on hydrogen have been sold in the US, which is about 1.5% of the total fleet. Iceland is the leader in the world, both when it comes to hydrogen and using re-hydro, with 100% of the car fleet now on re-hydro.


Argument: The development of hydrogen-fueled cars is based on several different sources, with the optimistic scenarios for a fast introduction on the market, to the book The Hype about Hydrogen by Joseph J. Romm. With the development in renewable sources of energy it will be possible for environmental labeled hydrogen.

Questions: Will there be other fuel alternatives to hydrogen when gasoline will be replaced? Will Re-Hydro put an end to fossil fuels?

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