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World Population Reaches Nine Billion

World Population Reaches Nine BillionAugust 15, 2050 - Earlier this morning a new-born girl outside of the city Djambala in the Republic of Congo was born, and became the symbolic nine billionth person in the world. The 23-year-old mother Makemba Ngollo said that she was very happy for the arrival of Titi, as the baby will be called. Read more...»

India is Now More Populous than China

India is Now More Populous than ChinaJuly 1, 2030 - It is now officially declared that India has passed China, excluding Hong Kong, as the most populous nation in the world according to the UN. The two nations "met" at 1.448 billion people each. The population of India is estimated to increase to 1.593 billion by year 2050. Read more...»

A Quarter of the US Population Hispanic

A Quarter of the US Population HispanicMay 23, 2050 - The US population has now grown to 419 million people, of which almost a quarter, 24.4%, are of Hispanic origin. Their share of the population has almost doubled since 50 years ago and there are now more than 102 million Hispanic living in the US. Read more...»

20% of the US Population Seniors

US Population SeniorsApril 19, 2035 - Of the total US population of 378 million, people over 65 years of age now make up 20% for the first time. The population has been aging rapidly with a senior ratio of only 4.1% by year 1900, and 12.4% 30 years ago. Read more...»

South Korea has the Highest Proportion of Senior Citizens

South Korea has the Highest Proportion of Senior CitizensNovember 1, 2050 - With 37.3% senior citizens of the total population, South Korea has the highest proportion in the world today. South Korea has thereby passed Japan where 36.5% are over the age of 65. Read more...»

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