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Now You Can Have Your Own Therapist 24/7

Now You Can Have Your Own Therapist 24/7September 1, 2040 - From today you have your own therapist available 24 hours a day, always there if you need someone to talk to, always in a good mood, and remembers every word you have ever said. This is the first automated therapist, with the best knowledge known to mankind on treatment and rehabilitation.
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Fooling Arnold Made a Clean Sweep in Saturday Ratings

Fooling ArnoldJanuary 8, 2035 - With a first prize of seven million US dollar and the intriguing plot of trying to fool or outsmart Arnold, the most advanced artificial intelligence in public use, the much hyped live show “Fooling Arnold” became the people’s choice this Saturday. Read more...»

TalkTalk - the Search Engine of the Future

TalkTalk - the Search Engine of the FutureFebruary 7, 2035 - After a lot of hush-hush for several years the much longed for search engine TalkTalk was presented to the press this week. One day talking basically made me speechless; the future has never looked brighter in finding information. Read more...»
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