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180 Million Deaths Worldwide from HIV

180 Million Deaths Worldwide from HIVJune 26, 2030 - The total number of deaths from HIV/AIDS worldwide is now said to have passed 180 million people, since it was recognized 50 years ago. The most infected are to find in sub-Saharan Africa and Asia. Read more...»

What if an AIDS Vaccine was Approved this Evening...

AIDS vaccineFebruary 23, 2020 - As you probably know there is still no HIV/AIDS vaccine approved now in 2020, but what would happen if one was approved already later this evening? Will it stop the spreading of the virus and eliminate the disease? Well, not right away... 1 Read more...»

Deaths from HIV in the US Continue to Decline

Deaths from HIV in the US Continue to DeclineOctober 24, 2030 - For the first time in 45 years the number of deaths from HIV in the US will be below 5,500 this year. Since the peak in 1995 when almost 55,000 people gave in for the disease, casualties have declined. Read more...»

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